Gill, Massachusetts Slate Memorial Library - Gill, Massachusetts


Commission Members:
Ray Steele, 413-863-2443
Dick French, 413-863-9446
Roger Augustine, 413-863-2212
Gary Stevens, 413-863-0216
Mailing Address: 325 Main Road, Gill, MA 01354-9758

Please feel welcome to contact the Commission at a regular scheduled meeting or contact a member. Meeting times are posted on the Town of Gill website and on the bulletin board at Town Hall. Contact info for our members appears above.

Your Input Is Wanted!

The Gill Agricultural Commission, in an effort to promote agriculture and to serve the town, would like to find out if there is an interest in preparing a "Community Garden" space for use by town of Gill residents. We are also looking for information about planting trees on town land and direction about any other agriculture related interests.

Opening on Agricultural Commission

Any Gill resident who might be interested in joining the Agricultural Commission is encouraged to contact one of the other members listed above to learn more about it.

Farm Brochure

Right to Farm Bylaw

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