Gill, Massachusetts Slate Memorial Library - Gill, Massachusetts


Committee Members:
Greg Snedeker, Chair, 413-863-8168
Veronica LaChance, 413-863-2105
Tom Hodak, 413-863-4227
Dan Trenholm

Mailing Address: 325 Main Road, Gill, MA 01354-9758

The purpose of the CIPC is to study proposed capital projects and improvements, and to consider the relative need, impact, timing, and cost of each project, and its effect on the finances of the town. The Committee prepares an annual capital plan that recommends projects and budgets for the next fiscal year, and outlines recommended capital improvements for the following five fiscal years.

The CIPC meets on an as-needed basis, and with a greater frequency during the fall and winter months. To be placed on the agenda for one of their meetings, please contact the Chair.

2012 Report of the CIPC
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2011 Report of the CIPC
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