Gill, Massachusetts Slate Memorial Library - Gill, Massachusetts


Veterans' Services Officer: Timothy Niejadlik
Phone: 413-772-1571
Fax: 413-772-1401
Address: 294 Main Street, Greenfield, MA 01301

Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans' Services District

The Town of Gill is a member of the Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans' Services District. Complete contact information for the District, along with other helpful information, forms, and links, can be found at the District's website: Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans' Services District.

Michael F. Hastings is the Town's representative to the District. He can be reached by telephone at 413-863-9804.


If you served in the Military between 1976 to present, and were a resident of Gill upon entering the service, we need to hear from you. The Memorial Committee is currently studying the possible placement of a new Memorial Monument or plaque. To determine the size we need to know the number of Veterans who will be on it. Just call one of the Memorial Committee members: Chet Kuzontkoski 863-9284; Doug & Elaine Smith 863-3115; Gary & Merri Bourbeau 863-8613. Thank you.

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