Selectboard Meeting

Monday, April 13, 2020, 5:30 pm
Teleconference - access info in the agenda
A meeting of the Selectboard/Sewer Commissioners

This meeting is being conducted remotely by all participants due to the State of Emergency related to COVID-19 and under the “Order Suspending Certain Provisions of the Open Meeting, G.L. c. 30A, §20” issued by Governor Baker on 3/12/20. is being utilized for the teleconference. It is audio only. Anyone wishing to participate may call 712-775-7031 and then enter the Access Code of 883-045-865. The toll-free number is 844-800-5000 – the Town is charged by the minute per caller, so please use this only when necessary.

5:30 PM Call to Order (If the meeting is being videotaped, announce that fact. If remote participation will occur, announce member & reason, & need for roll call voting)

COVID-19 Topics

  • Updates from weekly conference call with Gill’s Emergency Management Team
  • Rescheduling Town Election and Town Meeting
  • Option to extend due date for property tax bill & exemption filings and option to waive interest & penalties on late payments

Old Business

  • Riverside Sewer Pump Station - wet well cleaned on 4/9, float/pump alarms
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station
    • Tentative location near Town Hall & Town Common
    • Possible cost to Town if Green Community grant is not awarded
  • Municipal Aggregation of Electricity
    • Vote needed to accept bid timeline outlined by Colonial Power in 3/30 email
    • Authorization for May 20 executable prices based on May 13 indicative pricing

New Business

  • Sewer Commitment – Bill date of 4/14/20, $45,518.76 & authorize Chair to sign
  • Appointments
    • Board of Fire Engineers for 5/1/20 – 4/30/21
    • Jake Whitney as a Junior Firefighter thru 6/30/20
  • Resignation – Chet Kuzontkoski from Memorial Committee & Veterans’ Graves Officer effective 6/30/20
  • Correspondence – Gill Historical Commission letter to MassDOT requesting removal of “Gill-Montague Bridge” sign from the Turners Falls-Gill Bridge
  • Other business as may arise after the agenda has been posted.
  • Public Service Announcements, if any

FY20 # 21 – reviewed & signed by the Chair on 4/1; Payroll $27,656.24, Vendors $23,136.40
FY20 #22 – to be reviewed & signed by the Chair and reported on at the next meeting


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