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Monday, March 14, 2011, 2:01 pm

4:30 pm Call to Order  (If the meeting is being videotaped, announce that fact.)

Reorganization (5 min)
Election of Chair; Election of Clerk
Appoint Representative to Personnel Committee (currently Ann)
Appoint Representative to FRCOG (currently John)

4:35pm Steve Hussey, Director, Four Winds School (15 min)
 Follow-up discussion to RMB Use Study Committee¡¦s report to Town Meeting
„X School¡¦s future plans, lease renewal?
„X School revenue vs. Town utility expenses
„X Basement room for Rec. Comm. storage
Old Business
o Review of Minutes from 4/25 & 4/27 & 5/9 (2 min)
o Re-vote Police Department Use of NMH Gift Money (2 min)
o Gill Elementary Well (5 min)
o Siemens/Energy Improvements Project at Gill Elementary (10 min)
„X Sign Short-Term Borrowing for Treasurer (to allow project to begin)
New Business
o NMH ¡V Increased Annual Donation toward Emergency Services (5 min)
o WMECO Electricity Audits ¡V Proposals from Universal Electric (15 min)
o Hampshire Power ¡V Application to DPU to approve Municipal Aggregation (5 min)
o GMRSD ¡V Superintendent Next Steps (10 min)
o Feedback wanted by Rep. Denise Andrews (10 min)
„X What is Gill ¡§invested in¡¨ and what do we want to be ¡§invested in¡¨, i.e., themes, programs, priorities that are important to the town. What are some ways that Denise can help Gill?
o Appointments (2 min)
„X Open Space Committee ¡V Tim Storrow, term thru 6/30/12
„X Energy Commission ¡V Janet Masucci, term thru 6/30/12
„X RMB Use Study Committee ¡V Dick French (ad hoc group, no terms)
o Letter of Support to FRCOG grant application for Community Health Assessment & Improvement Plan funding (5 min)
o FRCOG Annual Report ¡V copy available in Town Hall (1 min)
o Acknowledgement of As You Write It donated by Gill Council on Aging/GM Senior Center (2 min)
o Public Service Announcements, if any (3 min)
„X Memorial Day Services ¡V Sun 5/29, 10am at Cong. Church & Veterans Memorial
„X Common People Concerts ¡V schedule is out, first one June 7th @7pm
„X Friends of Gill Picnic ¡V Sat 6/18, 11am-2pm on the Town Common
o Other business as may arise after the agenda has been posted.

Warrants ¡V FY11 #24