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Monday, March 14, 2011, 2:03 pm

4:30 pm Call to Order  (If the meeting is being videotaped, announce that fact.)

Old Business
o Review of Minutes from 5/9 & 5/23 & 6/6 & 6/20 (2 min)
o FY12 Heating Oil ¡V locked in 5,500 gallons @ $3.188/gal (Surner Heating) (1 min)
o Riverside Pump Station (2 min)
„X 3 potential bidders at 6/28 walk-through
„X Sealed bids due July 12th @ 3:00pm
o Gill Elementary Well Maintenance (5 min)
„X Recommend awarding project to Lynde Well Drilling with quote of $1,700
„X Town Meeting approved $7,000 ¡V will cover pump replacement, other contingencies
„X Working with Conservation Commission to identify any requirements
o Siemens/Energy Improvements Project at Gill Elementary (5 min)
„X Project kickoff meeting 6/27
„X Boiler submittal approved on 6/30 & boiler ordered (2-3 week LT)
„X Asbestos remediation scope of work prepared by ECS; 3 bids being sought
„X Project cash flow
„X Will be a site visit by DOER once project is underway

New Business
o IRS issued new 2011 mileage reimbursement rates (2 min)
„X 51 cents/mile 1/1 ¡V 6/30
„X 55.5 cents/mile 7/1 ¡V 12/31
o Additional Annual Appointments (2 min)
„X Jocelyn Castro-Santos & Kathleen Raczynski to Cultural Council, both terms to expire June 30, 2014
o Sewer Abatement/Revised Bill due to faulty water meter (2 min)
o Permission to use Public Safety Complex lawn (2 min)
„X Water stop for Wheeling for Healing Bike Ride on Sun. Aug. 21
„X Some conditions, but no objections from Police, Fire, & Highway
o Public Service Announcements, if any (3 min)
o Other business as may arise after the agenda has been posted.

Warrants ¡V FY11 #27 & FY12 #1