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Monday, March 14, 2011, 2:05 pm

4:30 pm Call to Order  (If the meeting is being videotaped, announce that fact.)

Old Business
o Review of Minutes from 6/6 & 8/1 (2 min)
o Closing on $127,500 General Obligation Qualified Energy Conservation Bond (QECB) (15 min)
„X Various votes to be taken, and documents to sign relating to the sale of the 15-year QECB to Greenfield Cooperative Bank, issuance as a ¡§tax credit¡¨ bond, terms of the bond purchase agreement, sinking fund agreement, and escrow agent.
o Siemens/Energy Improvements Project at Gill Elementary (5 min)
„X Asbestos abatement & boiler removal ¡V complete!
„X Boiler installation ¡V scheduled to begin today
„X Lighting, EMS, etc. in progress or starting soon
o Riverside Pump Station (1 min)
„X Signed contracts have been exchanged, Notice To Proceed has been issued
o Gill Elementary Well Maintenance (5 min)
„X Report on Conditions Found, Work Performed
o Update on FRCOG Public Health District (5 min)

New Business
o Resignation ¡V Jim Connelly, custodian (5 min)
o MIIA Loss Control Grant ¡V applying for magnetic lifter/dolly for manhole covers
o Purchase Order ¡V Trash Stickers
„X Resourceful ClearStream, 25,000 labels, $748.12 plus shipping
o Public Service Announcements, if any (1 min)
„X Fundraiser to benefit Chris Demars ¡V Sun. Sept. 4 @ Schuetzen Verein, tickets will be available at Town Hall & other locations
o Other business as may arise after the agenda has been posted.

Warrants ¡V FY12 #4