Board of Health

Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 3:14 pm

5:00 p.m. Call to Order
  Old Business
„Q Review minutes from 3/8, (2 min)
„Q Status update ¡V 7 Oak St, Sheue Ying Hwu property(2 min)
„Q Status update ¡V 11 River Rd  Michael Gusan property(2 min)
„Q Status update ¡V 444 Main Rd Larry Krejmas
„Q Burial Permits
„Q 51 Boyle Rd ¡V Theodore Haber

  New Business
„Q Review of correspondence (2 min)
„Q Review of Perc tests for new construction (2 min)
„Q Review of Perc Tests for repair (2 min)
„Q Review of Pumping Reports (2 min)
„Q Review and issuance of Well Permits (2 min)
„Q Review and issuance of Title V reports (2 min)
„Q Review of Disposal works construction plans and issuance of permit (5 min)
„Q Review of Animal bites
„Q Other reviews
„Q Other items that may be brought before the board
„Q Review of monies received and expenses