Selectboard Mtg

Thursday, July 11, 2013, 3:58 pm

4:30 pm Call to Order (If the meeting is being videotaped, announce that fact. If remote participation will occur, announce member & reason, & need for roll call voting)

Old Business
o Review of Minutes of 4/29, 5/28, 6/3, 6/6, and 7/1 (1 min)
o Project Updates (10 min)
 Town Hall Roof
 Energy Audit – Bart Bales
 Sewer I&I Study
 Community Shared Solar
o Ch. 61B Right of First Refusal (10 min)

New Business
o Joint Letter with Conservation Commission re FirstLight Relicensing (10 min)
(if possible, file electronically with FERC by 5:00pm today)
o Fire Department
 Annual Purchase Orders
 Allocation from NMH Donation Account for FY14 to purchase hose?
o Sewer Abatement – Jeff Suprenant, $17.58
o July 29th Selectboard meeting – FCRHRA Public Hearing @ 4:30pm to consider transferring CBDG funds from Social Service activity (Meals on Wheels) to Housing Rehab activity
o Other business as may arise after the agenda has been posted.

Warrants: FY 14 #2