Board of Health Public Hearing

Monday, March 13, 2017, 5:30 pm until 12:30 pm

Town of Gill
Board of Health
325 Main Road
Gill, MA 01354
Franklin County Cooperative Public Health Service
GLEN A. AYERS, R.S., C.H.O., CPHS Regional Health Agent
Massachusetts Registered Sanitarian # 1318, Massachusetts Certified Health Officer #375
phone: 413-774-3167 ex. 106 cell: 413-834-5729 fax: 413-774-3169
PROPERTY: 34 French King Highway, Gill, MA
DATE OF HEARING: Monday, March 13, 2017
PLACE OF HEARING: Gill Town Hall, BOH Office, basement
Owner ( Veronica Phaneuf (by deed recorded 6/8/99)
( 547 Turners Falls Road
( Montague, MA 01351
March 8, 2017
Dear Property Owner, or Others with an interest in this dwelling/property,
The Gill Board of Health will meet on March 13, at 5:30 pm to consider condemnation of this
abandoned/unoccupied dwelling.
Based on the record, the Board of Health, pursuant to 105 CMR 410.831(A), (B), (E), & (F), will hold a public
hearing on whether this unoccupied dwelling should be condemned as unfit for human habitation.
This property has remained abandoned and in a state of serious disrepair for numerous (20+) years. This
dwelling constitutes a blight on the neighborhood. Exterior elements of the property are decrepit and pose a
danger to neighbors and the public. The yard is overgrown and has been unmaintained, with junk cars/trucks,
and piles of automotive and other debris present. The roofs of two out buildings have either collapsed or are in
the process of collapsing. The side entrance is in a state of complete disrepair, in an advanced state of decay,
and constitutes a danger to the public. Owner has been unresponsive to attempts to have conditions improved
and there has no significant sign of improvement after numerous contacts by the Regional Health Agent,
beginning on 3/12/2010. A Notice of Code Violation and Order to Correct was issued on 8/17/11. There
continues to be no evidence that the owner has made any significant improvements, as of a site visit conducted
on 3/3/17. Subsequently, and since the initial compliance effort has been completely unsuccessful, the BOH will
now be entering into a final process and will work with the Assistant Attorney General of the Western Regional
Office to have a receiver appointed under MGL Chapter 111 sec 127I (Enforcement of sanitary code; remedies;
receiver), to either bring this property up to code or take the necessary steps to have this dwelling demolished
by Court Order.
***This is an important legal document. The information contained herein may affect your rights. It is
recommended that you seek competent legal advice regarding this letter. You should have this document
translated if you don’t understand its contents or the ramifications.
Signed and Certified under the
pains and penalties of perjury,
Glen A. Ayers, CPHS Regional Health Agent
cc. Gill