Historical Commission

Tuesday, September 21, 3:00 pm
Riverside Muncipal Building
A meeting of the Historical Commission


Gill Historical Commission

Tuesday, September 21, 2021, 3:00 p.m.

Riverside Municipal Building

Note: As of Aug. 19, 2021, masks are required at all Gill meetings involving the public.

1. Approve minutes from the GHC meeting on August 17, 2021.

2. Treasurer’s business and report (Kit)

3. New business:

a. Membership changes

i. Resignation: Lynn Tomb, Treasurer; letter, thank-you plans

ii. Appointment: Charlene Currie; official documents

iii. Treasurer’s duties (discussion and work session)

b. Battlefield Advisory Board: representative needed; meeting Sept. 22, 11:00, Montague TH

c. GHC Officers’ roles (chair, clerk, treasurer) Are we handling these the best way? (Kit)

d. Meeting time for the fall?

e. Oak Ridge Golf Course site plan review (adding facilities): Please take a look at the email I sent from Ray that gives the details. This meeting will be our only time to discuss these plans before the due date of Oct. 14. (Kit)

f. PGM Property Management site plan review ("Leaf Joy Dispensary" - recreational cannabis retail establishment at former Green River Power Sports at 1 Main Road)

4. Old and continuing business:

a. Report on FirstLight comment meeting about recreation, Sept. 10 (Kit)

b. Peskeompskut Walking Tour: waiting for updates

c. Harvest Fair update (Sept. 26) (Pam, Terri, Lynda)

d. RMB stairs: update (Terri, Pam)

e. Acquisitions and deacquisitions, update on collection (Pam)

f. Updates on repairing the Red Bridge kiosk (Bob)

g. River update, Conservation Commission (Terri)

h. Country Prints, new materials and plans (Kit and Charlene)

i. Update from MassDOT: The incorrect “Gill-Montague” sign will come down. (Kit)

5. Other business (not anticipated at time of posting)


Next meeting: Tuesday, October 19, 2121, Time TBA, Riverside Municipal Building

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