Board of Assessors

Thursday, December 16, 2021, 4:30 pm
2nd Floor Town Hall
A meeting of the Board of Assessors


Board of Assessors

December 16, 2021

Thursday 4:30 p.m.

Call to Order: _____________________

Review/Approve Minutes of October 28, 2021

Review/Approve Minutes of November 18, 2021

Review/Approve Minutes of December 2, 2021


Vacant Land Values

Berkshire Cascade

Public Records Request

Assessors’ Visits

FY2022 Classification Hearing

Chapter 61

Updates and Plans

Any business not known at the time of posting or offered by public participation needing immediate consideration.

Next Assessors’ meeting: January 6, 2022 at Time: ______ p.m.

Motion to go to Executive Session:

Roll call vote to go to Executive Session:

State whether there is an intention to reconvene in Open Session

Executive Session #1 – The purpose of the Executive Session is to review and decide on applications for veterans and senior exemptions and motor vehicle abatements. The Executive Session is being held per MGL c 30A section 21(a)7, to comply with applicable general laws, including MGL c 59 section 60 (privacy of abatement/exemption applications) and MGL c 214 section 1B (right of privacy of a person).

Executive Session #2 – The purpose of the Executive Session is to comply with, or act under the authority of, any general or special law or federal grant-in-aid requirements, i.e. to review, approve, and classify minutes of Executive Sessions from 11/18/21, 12/2/21, and 12/16/21 in order to comply with the Open Meeting Law and MGL c 4 section 7, Clause 26 “Public Records”.


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