Selectboard and Finance Committee

Monday, January 10, 5:30 pm
Zoom Meeting
A meeting of the Finance Committee

This meeting is being conducted virtually/remotely by all participants.

This is a remote meeting via Zoom. To join the Zoom meeting or dial 1-929-436-2866 and enter Meeting ID 870 2384 2138

As a meeting utilizing remote participation, all votes must be taken by roll call.

Joint Meeting – Gill Selectboard and Gill Finance Committee

5:30 PM Call to Order (If the meeting is being videotaped, announce that fact. If remote participation will occur, announce member & reason, & need for roll call voting)

  • Introductions
  • Update on FY23 Department budgets – expecting bigger budgets due Jan 24
  • Review proposed budget schedule; consider adding additional dates
  • Joint GMRSD/Gill/Montague budget meeting – Monday, January 31st @ 5:30 PM (still confirming if in person or remote)
  • Update on ARPA funding
    • US Treasury released its Final Rule (guidelines on use of the funds) on Jan 6th (the Overview document is 44 pages; the Final Rule is 437 pages!)
    • Massachusetts ARPA funding bill H4269 includes a $75,000 earmark for “improvements to the Gill Elementary school”
    • Rep. Whipps notified town on Jan 6th of “how to start the process for releasing an earmark”
  • Update on timeline for Capital Improvements Projects
  • Update on zero-based budgeting - methodology & process?
  • Review of Minutes as may be available
  • Topics not anticipated within the 48 hour posting requirements
  • Schedule & Agenda Items for next meeting
  • Adjournment

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