Historical Commission

Tuesday, April 19, 3:15 pm
A meeting of the Historical Commission


Gill Historical Commission

Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 3:15 p.m.

Teleconference – access information in the agenda below.

“This meeting is being conducted remotely by all participants. FreeConferenceCall.com is being utilized for the teleconference. It is audio only. Anyone wishing to participate may call 267-807-9601 and then enter the Access Code of 883-045-865. The toll-free number is 844-800-5000 – the Town is charged by the minute per caller, so please use this only when necessary.”

Notes: 1. Masks are no longer required at Gill’s indoor public spaces as of midnight on Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

2. In meetings by phone, votes are taken by roll call and the minutes reflect the name and vote of each member.

Call to order:

1. Approve minutes from the GHC meeting on March 15, 2022.

2. Treasurer’s business and report: (Charlene with Pam and Terri)

--Update on books and sales (Pam)

3. New Business:

a. Update on publicity and other planning for Peter Mars’ presentation on May 21 (Pam, Charlene, Kit)

i. Publicity (newsletter, posters, newspaper coverage); costs? (Pam,

Charlene, Kit)

ii. Setup and cleanup in the Town Hall (Kit): presentation will come between an election

(May 14) and a town meeting (May 23)

iii. lunch plans on the 21st (at Town Hall??) - discussion

iv. Presenter Pete may also visit at the beginning of May (date TBA)

b. Hard drives for GHC files (Pam)

c. FY 2022 budget: (what we still want to spend this year: see emails with our original budget

page and a blank for our individual notes)- Discussion (to be continued at the next


d. Members’ summer schedules (so far)

e. Updates on the bookmark, website and FaceBook page (Charlene)

f. Updates on inquiries (Old Stone Lodge, Stillwell House and others) (Pam)

g. Riverculture Walking Tour: Recording on logging life is done! Congratulations to Bob,

Pam, Terri and all others! We will invoice Riverculture for the remaining $650.00 in our

promised fee. :)

h. FirstLight: The 50th anniversary of Northfield Mountain is this year. Do we want to be

involved? (Kit)

4. Old Business

a. Collection update (Pam, Bob, Terri)

b. GHC digital equipment needs and using DigitalCommonwealth, carried over from the last meeting (Pam and Charlene)

c. Upcoming repairs (and costs) - discussion

5. Other business (not anticipated at time of posting


Next meeting: Tuesday, May 17, time and place to be decided

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