Historical Commission

Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 3:00 pm
Riverside Municipal Building
A meeting of the Historical Commission

Gill Historical Commission

Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 3:00 p.m.

Riverside Municipal Building

Call to order: _________

1. Approve the minutes from the GHC meeting on June 14, 2022.

2. Treasurer’s business and report (Charlene)

-- Update on books and sales: Summary (Pam and Charlene)

3. New Business:

a. Country Prints

1. Visit to original CP property at River Road was very meaningful (Pam, tabled until July)

2. Honoring the Gill Cultural Council Grant application: what’s left (Kit)

3. Designing CP final (fall) activities (Kit / discussion)

a. Feedback on May 21 presentation: How to use the list of names of people who

attended? (thanks for coming + interest in pop-up museum + suggestions)

b. Send link to video https://vimeo.com/713364688 ?

c. Other comments or suggestions going forward (continuing from June meeting) ?

d. Country Prints pop-up museum, town hall, for fall? (Kit), discussion

e. publicity: leaflet for next Gill newsletter, email to people who attended May 21; no bookmarks or posters

b. GHC table at Harvest Fair, Sept. 25: Dinosaurs and Fossils (review June mtg.’s ideas)

1. display of fossils, dinosaur face painting, COVID masks painted with dino features,

photo of (painted or not) face through the hole of a board that looks like a dino,

mud area to use big feet cutouts to make dino tracks, invite Richard Little to give

a talk about fossils in Gill (at Harvest Fair or at a future GHC presentation? No

cookies this time, just a donation jar. Others?

2. Gill books for sale

3. Wert display of Harvest-themed Country Prints items (portable display)

4. Who can do what?

c. Updates: Protecting Gill’s natural/historical/cultural resources (ongoing investigation)

(Lynda, Kit, Pam)

1. Questions to consider: What is a reasonable plan: town bylaws? Enlarge Archaeological

District? (questions from Pam)

2. Appointing a town Preservation Officer (e.g. David Brule in Erving) (Lynda)

3. Contacts with state MHC offices and programs like Most Endangered Resources re:

information about our situation (Kit, Lynda); monthly Preservation Conversations

4. Legal advice on our current Archaeology Accountability Policy and how to expand it (Kit)

5. Community Preservation Act (Kit)

d. Inquiry about former Gill resident Obed Foote; use of DigitalCommonwealth

(Pam and Charlene)

e. Updates on the website and Facebook (Charlene)

f. Updates on suggested goals for 2022:

1. In progress: Finishing Country Prints activities; Harvest Fair planning; book orders;

Supporting town progress on repairing stairs at RMB (GHC request for town to

install construction fencing for the sake of liability and safety; no response so far)

gathering materials and roofing for the Bridge kiosk

2. To be done: estimating cost for repair of anchorage, apply for grant; inventory RMB

storage room; finish GHC town annual reports and write one for 2022; plan open

hours for museum in the fall; museum repairs

4. Old and Continuing Business

a. GHC Collection (Pam)

b. Cataloguing Wert images (Kit, Maryanne)

c. Acquisitions (Pam, Kit)

d. Upcoming repairs and costs: kiosk (Bob, Terri)

e. Battlefield Advisory Board (Kit and Lynda)

f. Walking Tour supplementary material (Bob, Charlene, Kit)

5. Other business not anticipated at posting

(Change the date for the August 16th meeting? Cancel the August meeting?)

Next meeting: Tuesday, August _____ , 2022, 3:00 p.m., RMB

Adjourned at ____________