Historical Commission

Tuesday, September 20, 3:00 pm
Riverside Municipal Building
A meeting of the Historical Commission


Gill Historical Commission

Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 3:00 p.m.

Riverside Municipal Building

Call to order: _________

1. Approve the minutes from the GHC meeting on July 19, 2022 (no meeting in August)

2. Treasurer’s business and report (Charlene)

--- Update on books and sales (Charlene)

--- Timetable for Cultural Council reimbursements (Lynda, Kit)

3. New Business:

a. The 48 Main Rd. trucking storage company proposes changes (see my email from Ray sent to GHC; ZBA meeting Sept. 13); an email with some members’ unofficial concerns was sent to Suzanne Smiley, Chair of ZBA on Sept. 13 as an FYI. My email message is included here:

“Members of the Gill Historical Commission have not voiced concerns about Mr. Fisher’s proposed activities for the (48 Main Rd.) property. However, it has been noted that abutters Riverside Cemetery and the Mariamante property both lie within the Gill Archaeological District, in which digging restrictions or bylaws apply, which may also apply to some or all of the property at 48 Main Rd. if that is needed for Mr. Fisher’s work.”

Kit Carpenter, Chair

Gill Historical Commission”

b. New GHC equipment (computer, color printer) (Charlene)

c. Updates on Harvest Fair plans (Terri)

d. Completing GHC’s Country Prints activities:

1. Letter to May 21 guests asking them for preferred followup and date of Nov. 12 – done

2. Evaluate feedback first week of October

3. Choose Nov. 12 event or approach a local school to a do a Wert activity

4. Write + copy a one-page, two-sided insert for the October Gill newsletter by Oct. 21

5. TBA for GHC to decide: do we also want to create a good-looking leaflet about Wert

to hand out in the future, like the Gill photos leaflet? What should it include?

6. Last step: assemble paper work for the Cultural Council by mid-November and apply

for reimbursement of the grant money we were awarded ($400.00).

e. New contact at Gill School (Charlene)

f. Updates on the website and the Facebook page (Charlene)

4. Old and continuing business:

a. Update and discussion: Preserving Gill’s Natural/Historical/Cultural Resources (Kit, Lynda)

1. examples of preservation efforts

2. Determining actual boundaries of Gill’s Archaeological District (map)

3. strategies and priorities for GHC going forward

b. Gill collection: changes?

c. Acquisitions (Terri: painting, Kit: materials from Pocumtuck Festival)

d. Battlefield Advisory Board update (Kit, Lynda)

e. Launch of Walking Tour (Bob, Kit)

f. Status of ongoing repairs:

1. RMB stairs (Kit)

2. kiosk

3. anchorage – grant inquiry

4. museum windows repair opportunity (Pam, Kit)

5. inventory and potential repainting of basement storage room after sorting its contents

g. Plans to reopen GHC museum: January 2023? (Pam; discussion)

h. Outside and inside improvements for RMB (Charlene – to be continued in October)

5. Other business not anticipated at time of posting

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 3:00 p.m. at RMB

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