Paper Shredding Event - FREE for Gill residents

There will be a paper shredding event on Saturday, October 30th from 9 AM - Noon at the Erving Senior Center located at 1 Care Drive. This event is free and is ONLY for residents of Erving, Gill, and Northfield. You must bring proof of residency in a participating town.

All papers will be securely shredded on-site, and then recycled at a paper mill.

Bring the following papers for shredding:

  • Cancelled or blank checks, checkbooks
  • Legal papers
  • Credit card statements or offers
  • Income tax documents
  • Bank/financial statements
  • Medical records
  • Other documents with social security or credit card information

LIMIT per vehicle: 3 recycling bins or 6 paper bags full of the above papers.

Please note shredded paper is no longer accepted in household recycling in western Massachusetts.

This event is funded by the participating towns and coordinated by the Franklin County Solid Waste District. Questions? Contact FCSWMD at or 413-772-2438.

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