Board of Health public hearing on proposed regulation of Marijuana Establishments

A Public Hearing will be held by the Gill Board of Health at the Town Hall, 325 Main Rd. Gill MA, on August 16, 2022 at 5:15 PM to consider adopting a regulation entitled “Regulation to Ensure the Sanitary and Safe Operation of Marijuana Establishments and the Sale of Marijuana.” Among its provisions the regulation, if adopted, establishes twenty-one as the minimum legal sales age, and requires an annual Marijuana Operating Permit from the Board of Health for the sale, cultivation, or other commercial distribution of marijuana. The regulation also provides for twice yearly compliance inspections of marijuana establishments and penalties for violating the regulations. The proposed regulation is available for inspection on the Town’s website and at the Town Hall offices during business hours.

Link to regulations: GILL_Marijuana_Regulations_for_08-16-2022_public_hearing.pdf

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